Exhibit C​.​O​.​L​.​L​.​E​.​G​.​E​.​(​single)

by Capital SS (BusineSS)

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    In honor of his (Capital SS) May 7th, 2010 graduation from Michigan State University, he releases this tribute track dedicated to all of those who understand the trials and tribulations of the college experience, MSU and beyond. This is an early trial leak from his soon to be released, promotional mix project entitled, "Tax Return"




released May 7, 2010


tags: hip-hop rap


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Track Name: Capital SS - Exhibit C.O.L.L.E.G.E.
Every night I was sleeping on the same
Hard Basement couch felt like Im sleeping on the frame
Waking up to tappin water leaking from the drain
Or moms bringing breakfast, stairs creaking when she came
But fuck that, I was really sleeping on my brain, and what I could

Fresh outta high school, low income checks
Easy question hard answer.....nigga what's next?

..... u cant buy class & that’s cool
But I had plenty class, broke ass couldn’t afford school

Didn’t let it stop me, came up with a little plan
Detoured through the community college middle man

part time school full time at this lil Caesars
Til I got accepted spring 2005, I'll see ya!

Ain't exaggerating shit, Ima keep it 1
Breaking out a city where every single student seen as dumb
And backpacks lacked books but helped students to bring a gun

Pockets hurt from tuition when I seen it done
but small forwards from Pell Grants healed(Hill) em like a Phoenix Sun


No second guessing my blessing, regrets, I had none at all
Officially a Spartan 208 south hubbard hall

Getting mad at the caf & how my stomach sicken of it
cuz all they serve is 45 different flavors of chicken nuggets

It was either that or white toast and cheddar grilled
So I started roamin thru campus in search of better meals

I was searchin Saginaw, Grand River, Trowbridge
Brody, Wonders, Wilson, Holden
Akers, Mcdonald, holmes, Owen


Almost booted outta the subject of this whole exhibit
Cuz I been on probation twice but they was both academic

Tired of alumni at homecoming features
Like wasn't u a senior the last time I seen ya
Fighting senioritis like the sure cure was more beer
Had a few friends that graduated in 4 years
I thought "Congrats, get that cash!"
But opened my mouth and all that came out was "Kiss my ass!"


Student loans hit me up on the phone like what u waitin on
Visa dropped in my inbox like what u waitin on
Office a registrar hit me up every hour like yo parkin tickets in the
double digits whats good bruh u takin long

Same girls u grew up wit were virgins & nerdy
now they fuckin anybody with they own jersey

back and forth, upset thru each and every subject
4.0, success, 1.5, fuck this!


They call me Double S’s capital……….fuck that
Call me what day is these answers due?, proly skippin class at 2
Used to have exams to do, now stackin up my capital
And bankin like a grad should do so I don’t need this rappin duke

I Might never ever get to do my Grammy speech
Rather have my memories of spring break Miami beach

Meagan Good was on the strip, body off the ritcher
My niggas takin pictures, fuck that, I started talking wit her

I made her smile, got a few laughs & hug on cam
Rest of the trip couldn’t say I aint the fuckin man

Was pissed when Shannon brown left to play with dude Bron
But hyper then a bitch when Durrell Summers shit on UConn

And football regular season we can beat any team
But in the end Spartans couldn’t win a bowl for anything

Flirted with music again and now that’s back
got connected with the best as far as lansing rap cats
we became family, but u kno us as the Blat Pack

Professors said way u display your words shows
U mind must be brighter than Craig Sager’s wardrobe

..Sparty put green on my head like a cat who bangin
But the green he put on my head, it had a tassle hangin

shootin in the air like street lamps gotta die
naw we aint need guns to throw them caps to the sky

Rap or the 9-5, more qualified than other guys
Stupid dumb with the rhymes, resume says otherwise